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Hunter Douglas Group

Since 1995 our company has been producing decorative blinds for windows covering.

Today Hunter Douglas Fabrication is a multi-brand manufacturer producing innovative and sustainable decorative windows covering products which are being sold in the different markets across Europe. Our product portfolio exist of a diverse range of Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds as well as Roller and Panel Blinds.

Hunter Douglas Fabrication is focused on the manufacturing of high quality decorative window covering products in the shortest lead time possible. What is more, we firmly believe in continuous improvement - constantly finding ways to benefit our customers, dealers and employees.

The people of Hunter Douglas Fabrication are our most important and valuable asset, they maintain, produce and market our products and are responsible for the success of our company.

Hunter Douglas Fabrication is committed to being a responsible manufacturer, customer, vendor, neighbour and employer by protecting the environment and using resources responsibly.
Hunter Douglas Fabrication is a Hunter Douglas Group company.

For over 60 years, Hunter Douglas has been in the industry of innovating new and proprietary window covering designs that add beauty and style to the interiors while also providing advanced solutions to everyday practical needs, such as insulation at the window, managing natural light, child safety and much more. In addition to that, Hunter Douglas has brought innovative thinking to how the products are manufactured and distributed around the world.

Visit the Hunter Douglas Group website to learn more about the Group.